Social Media Trends 2014

Recently I read a very interesting article Social Media Trends for Marketers: New Research and I started thinking how things quickly change in digital space and compared to 2013 trends we have slightly different landscape. Social Media and Digital space is changing so quickly that marketers sometimes hardly can catch up with all changes. You have to be constantly connected and follow new trends, experiment, measure and define what is working and what is not working and why.

As mentioned at the beginning, here are the top 7 Social Media trends for 2014 according to latest research published on SocialMedia Examiner site:

1. Increased exposure to social media

No wonder majority of businesses noticed that increased exposure to social media has a favorable influence on their brand. In New Zealand internet penetration in 2012 was 88% (source: Internet World Statistics) and people are massively using social media. The most popular social media sites in New Zealand in 2013 were: Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Twitter (the full list can be found here: Social Media Statistic, July 2013). This means – almost all your customers are on-line! There is no better place for business to be than on social media. From my point of view, social media have one huge benefit: it provides you with the instant feedback directly from customers. It’s like an on-line survey with the most valuable information. Businesses these days should learn how to use power of social media wisely and in their own advantage.

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2. Visual assets on the rise

With the development of new advertising formats (Rising Stars Ad Units) and trough Google Display network marketers have more choices than ever to advertise all over internet and to use new interactive ad formats. You can choose from many rich media formats like videos, images, animation and flash.

3. Blogging biggest areas of increase

It seems that providing original content and blogging will be even more valued in 2014. Beside the fact that valuable content will help better SEO ranking (for free), it can significantly improve brand exposure and clearly communicate with the target audience. The biggest challenge that marketers will have to face when it comes to blogging is that there are already too many blogs and posts all around the internet. The fact that business is having a blogger and posting content five times a day doesn’t mean that anybody will read that content. For more information on how to write a perfect content for business blog visit “Why No One Is Reading What You’re writing”

4. Google+ top marketers interest list

During my last employment in global company, nobody was much interested in what Google + has to offer. We were thinking that this platform is a waste of time and that we should use more other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. We had company’s profile on Google + but we haven’t been using it at all. That was such a mistake. Recently, I started discovering advantages of Google + like integration with You Tube which helps you reach much wider audience or hangouts on air. Hangouts on air has been a real discovery for me, not that I only love free video broadcasting, but the quality of video and sound in many cases is much better that on Skype and it can help you reach much wider audience. You can even create your own audience. With the help of Google Drive you can share presentations, pdf’s or password protected documents with your audience. I found on-line this great article which can help you with getting the ideas what else you can do with Google + and what kind of analytic is provided 13 Google+ Tools to Improve Your Marketing.


5. Podcasting rises

Podcasting is intimate and effective way to deliver content to your target audience. This method of delivery is on the rise because it is time efficient and it cut’s costs. You only need to record a podcast and your audience can subscribe to it through RSS feeds. It is convenient because audience can listen to your podcast when they have time. I found two great article about benefits of podcasting: At a Glance: 7 Benefits Of PodcastingHow The Podcasting Will Benefit Your Business.


6. Facebook ads dominate social

Facebook seams to become the world’s most popular social network (source: Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites, July 2014) and social networks where majority of brands post their ads. Facebook is three times more popular than Twitter or LinkedIn! If your business already haven’t got a Facebook account you should get one soon.


7. Social ROI remains a mystery

No surprise that measuring a social media ROI is still a mystery to majority of marketers as each business use different evaluation methods based on their business goals and social media that they are using. While there is no “one size fits all” approach, a lot of useful information and guidelines on how to measure ROI can be found in this great article by Debra Eckerling How to measure Social Media ROI.


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How to Measure Social Media ROI:

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